ACG MotorSport

ACG Motorsport is a company dedicated to the world of Motorsport and composite materials, whose purpose is to provide technical support and development to customers and racing teams.


Vehicle construction

Assembly and revision.

Repair and creation of carbon fiber parts.

Reproduction of parts and prototyping.

Painting and wrapping.


Data analysis.

Optimization of the configuration.

Endurance analysis.

Pilot training.

Support in circuit

Race events.

Development tests.

Track days.

Support for engineers, mechanics, carbon fiber and hospitality.


Supply and development of racing equipment.

Organization of events and race days.

Organization of itineraries and flights.

Carbon Fiber Composites

Carbon Fiber Composites (CFC) is a subdivision of ACG Motorsport, focused on the development and manufacturing of parts using composite materials including carbon fiber, fiberglass, hybrid materials, aramids, etc…


We have extensive experience, offering on-track support anywhere in the world with the most prestigious competition teams on the most iconic circuits.

We can provide support anywhere in the world for aeronautical services, motorsports, sports, bicycles, paddle tennis rackets, motorcycles, etc.